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by Aylin Çetinkaya, Istanbul

The essential part of daily eye makeup is eyeliner. Bored to redraw every morning and refresh her during the day?

One of the most popular permanent makeup applications is the permanent eyeliner that can be the perfect solution for you.

Procedure Time 60 mins

Price: 1200 TL - 1400 TL

18-36 months should last

Aylin Çetinkaya

The information contained here has been prepared by Master Permanent Makeup Artist Aylin Çetinkaya. Thank you for asking questions and appointments regarding the removal of colors related to lifting. Nişantaşı Clinic Telephone: +90 530 468 20 66

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A perfect line of lines with sharp lines and straight lines iner Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning with such a beautiful eye makeup? Having this convenience is now possible with the permanent eyeliner app, one of the most popular permanent make-up applications!
Eyeliner is one of the most important makeup materials in a woman’s makeup routine. Eyeliner, the striking line of your eye make-up, can make even the most simple make-up attractive, impressive and distinctive with a single line. Even if you don’t use a foundation, lipstick or headlamp, you can avoid looking pale by pulling a thin and elegant eyeliner, or by pulling the eyeliner during a special makeover for a special night, you can give it that last touch that your face needs. Whatever your use of eyeliner, whether on daily or special occasions; It has to be acknowledged that it has the potential to have a different effect on your face.

Of course, such an effective makeup weapon when faced with the use of simple and ordinary, far from being surprised, you should not surprise. Taking a sharp and flawless line of eyeliner is not just a woman’s mortar, but it can become a laborious process as many of us don’t want to deal with in the daily tempo. Even if your hand shakes slightly, you can turn the thin line of eyeliner you want to achieve into a double way, so to speak; The bir cat eye ına view you want to achieve by stretching the eyeliner line can turn into a ist panda eye ini view without you even noticing it.

While you want to have a perfect-looking eyeliner line on the one hand, you don’t want to go into what we have to endure in order to reach it, right? The solution is also closer than you think: permanent eyeliner. What exactly is a permanent eyeliner, how to make a permanent eyeliner, and everything you need to know about the permanent eyeliner process is compiled for you.

All About Permanent Eyeliner

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Permanent eyeliner is a permanent make-up applied to the upper area of ​​the eyelid. Permanent eye eyeliner method, which can be made on the eyelid, with or without tail, is a very practical permanent make-up application that doesn’t need to pull your eyeliner every day or renew your continuous eyeliner line every day.

It should be noted that before returning to the answer to the question of how permanent eyeliner is made, it is slightly different from the permanent eyeliner tattoo concept and should not be confused with conventional tattoo application techniques. Since the eyelid is more sensitive and thinner than the other parts of the skin, permanent eyeliner applications should be made by using permanent eyeliner paints and equipment specially developed. The most important point here is of course you are working with a professional and professional make-up specialist. Traditional tattoos made to other parts of the body have a permanence lasting for a period of 18+ months. This is another indication of the harmlessness of the dye pigments applied to your eyelid.

Permanent eyeliner gives you a clear, smooth and yet new look. Another question asked is? What is permanent eyeliner? “And” How long does permanent eyeliner remain? Konu. Permanent eyeliner, which lasts between 1.5 and 3 years of retention time, presents an eye makeup that appears to have been eyeliner drawn a few hours ago.

Permanent eyeliner is an application that is frequently preferred by women who want to be well-groomed and beautiful. Of course, the construction of such an advantageous permanent make-up application is a process which is inevitably demanding skill and skill.

Permanent makeup takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Before application, your eyelid is drawn exactly on the line you want, in thickness and length, a sample eyeliner design. After you have approved this eyeliner design, our permanent makeup specialist puts the permanent eyeliner line over this line, using the special permanent eyeliner pen and permanent eyeliner dye pigments. You will not feel any pain because of the effective anesthetic creams applied on your eyelid before the procedure; therefore it is possible to say no to the question ver Is permanent eyeliner painful? bu. If you do not do this procedure in very experienced hands, it is quite natural and normal to have side effects such as swelling or bruising after permanent eyeliner because the eye area is very sensitive. Aylin Cetinkayağs permanent make-up studio will make your permanent eyeliner operations in this type of results are quite unlikely to encounter. Since the devices used are made entirely from natural color pigments and quality materials are used, it is not even possible to cause a situation that damages your health.

Other points which are as important as the application itself when the permanent eyeliner is concerned are the stages followed before and after the application. It is very important that you are communicating to our permanent make-up specialists exactly what kind of eyeliner line you want before using permanent eyeliner. Since you will live with a permanent eyeliner in your eyes for at least 2 years if you don’t have a lifetime, it is important that you get a eyeliner look that is just inside. Otherwise, you may encounter an eye makeup that you will not use under normal conditions and you may regret having the application done.

Another issue that you should take into consideration before having a permanent eyeliner is to get comprehensive information about different types of permanent eyeliner. Different permanent eyeliner methods can give you a clue as to how exactly you want a eyeliner line. For example, eyebrow eyeliner without eyebrows is one of the most preferred methods of permanent eyeliner. This eyeliner line, starting from the inner end of the eyelid triangle and running to the outer end of the lid, ends at the point where your eyelash line ends. The main reason why this application is one of the most preferred permanent eyeliner methods is that it offers a natural and exaggerated eye makeup appearance. However, when you want to do a heavy makeup for a special invitation or organization, it is possible to add tails to your permanent eyeliner line by using a quality eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner is another permanent eyeliner application. This application, which ends with an elegant and elegant tail, extends a few miles from the end of the eyelash line and gives the woman’s favorite, cat eye ile look. Finally, the permanent dipliner, which is another of the permanent eyeliner types, is also a preferred method among permanent make-up applications. This method is intended to draw a thinner and more invisible line than the permanent eyeliner. The permanent dipliner method applied to the eyelash bottom only allows you to obtain a spontaneous misty image of your mascara on your lash line on the morning of the night you forgot to wipe your makeup. Before you make a permanent eyeliner, you must decide exactly which appearance you want to achieve and you should tell your permanent makeup professional.

When we are in the process of post-permanent eyeliner care, your permanent make-up specialist is as big as you do. The first month after permanent eyeliner is very critical and allows you to overcome the healing process with minimum discomfort. Our specialist will tell you what kind of creams you should use, when you can keep an eye on water or when to check. As long as you follow these instructions, you will be able to get a permanent eyeliner line that has improved and looks perfect in a short period of time.

Taking your lenses out of your permanent eyeliner, then taking a break from wearing eyelashes for at least 1 week, and informing our permanent make-up experts before applying it, is one of the other things you should be aware of during this process.

Of course, another issue that concerns the permanent eyeliner is the prices. Permanent eyeliner prices determined in our studio vary between 1000 TL and 1200 TL. Prices can vary depending on the type of permanent eyeliner application. These figures show a rather budget-friendly stance considering the years of permanent eyeliner price scales and the experience of Aylin Çetinkaya. Known as one of the best permanent eyeliner professionals, Aylin Çetinkaya is also on the favorites list of celebrities who make permanent eyeliner.

If you want to make permanent eyeliner and you want to entrust yourself with a competent, reliable permanent makeup specialist, you are at the right place. Aylin Çetinkaya, the leading eyeliner studio in Istanbul, is always at your doorstep with the promise of successful results and high quality service.

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