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Aylin Çetinkaya

Kalıcı Makyaj ve Güzellik Uzmanı

“Hello, I was born in Istanbul in Aylin Cetinkaya. 1981. In 2002, Istanbul University, I graduated from the International Relations department and professional work I began my life. I’ve done about 14 years in executive positions at Turkey’s leading corporate companies.

I believe that a woman should always look well-groomed so that she can be happy no matter what she does. For this reason, I have had a special interest in beauty, care and make-up subjects throughout my corporate life starting from my university years. Each training and seminar further increased my interest in the subject. I started to spend all my time in corporate life with education and practices on beauty and makeup. I helped them make women look better. Always looking well-groomed was not as difficult as it was supposed to be, because I had learned how to do it well.

Sometimes with the tiny changes we made, people’s view of life changed. This was really a miracle! This situation has become a second living space for me. Everyone had a hobby, which was mine.

In the beginning, hobby, then semi-professionally interested in these things in my life began to occupy a more important place. In 2016, I decided to make a significant change in my career and ended my business life for 14 years and opened a permanent make-up studio in Nişantaşı. I had a wonderful team I worked with today. Each one has international experience and people who love their job. To date, we have made permanent make-up applications to over 2,000 people, many of whom are famous names, and we are proud of the results. Because we do our job with pleasure and passion.

For those who are also curious, you can find the training and certificates I received since 2002, in the list below. In addition, you can follow the news about me in the written and visual media, the great results we have achieved with the applications we have made and the @aylincetinkayacom instagram account on our website.


Beauty & Skin Care Specialist, TURKEY

Beauty Summit at Beautyworld, DUBAI

Professional Makeup Expertise Training, TURKEY

Cosmetic 360, Beauty Conference, FRANCE

Nouveau Contour: Micropigmentation, TURKEY

Permanent Make-Up World Conference & Workshops, AMSTERDAM

Nouveau Contour: Masters in Micropigmentation, TURKEY

Sviatoslav Otchenash Permanent Makeup Master Class, ESTONIA

Biotek: Anastasia Gilmanova Master Class Conference, RUSSIA

International Beauty Congress  UKRAINE 

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