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Privacy Policy takes care to protect your privacy. This privacy policy outlines the types of information collected by on this website and how they are protected and stored. does not collect any personal information about the user of website unless it is voluntarily given by the visitor.

As part of this privacy policy, personal data (name, e-mail address, business and private address, telephone numbers) provided by our visitors as a rule are not shared with third parties, sold, rented or otherwise used.

When you visit web site, it tells you what to do if you do not want your personal information collected and how the information can be changed. This policy applies only to this website, but is not valid for advertisements or promotions on websites owned by third parties.

Collection of Personal Information;
Using the website and providing personal information voluntarily means that the current privacy policy and terms announced on this site are accepted. Personal information can be collected by our visitors upon request to book apartment sales, fill out a questionnaire or send an e-newsletter. If you do not provide this information voluntarily, no personal information is collected from your visits to our site.

Aim and Use of Information Gathering; with your permission uses your information for the following purposes;

Send you articles about printed newsletters, magazines, campaigns
Informing you by e-mail, SMS and fax, informing you of campaigns,
To determine our visitor profiles,
To evaluate requests, requests and complaints
Personal information and such data are used only for the purposes specified and in the case of legal investigations, if required by court decision or legal procedures.

Collection of Non-Personal Other User Information; collects features such as user density, visited sections, clicked fields, automatically and anonymously, during visitors’ roaming on the website. These data are used only to determine the rates of monitoring and monitoring of different areas, and are not associated with the personal information of any visitor. In cases where the ın cookie iz technology is used, which identifies where the pages are visited or how they are visited, they are also collected as statistical data in determining the tracking rates of different areas of the site and are not an individual application. The purpose of this technology is to make the content of the sections visited more frequently by the intended users more accessible to the user from the first visit to the site.

Information security;
Necessary measures are taken to ensure the security of your personal information and serious investments are made in this regard. Information is subject to restricted access to prevent unauthorized access, modification and misuse. puts the bilgiler privacy, clause in the contracts it has made with the firms with the service to prevent the information given to third parties for any purpose whatsoever. Do not share your password with anyone for your security after you register to the Internet Sales System.

Terms of Use; uses the website to announce the campaigns it organizes from time to time and to inform the visitors about the topics, contents and services that are considered to be of interest to the visitors. has the right to change and update the content of the website unilaterally without any prior notice.

Changes in Our Policy; reserves the right to change or cancel this Privacy Policy.

Contact us;
If you would like to give us an opinion on this Privacy Policy, ask questions or report a violation of the Privacy Policy, you can use the Contact Us link. will take the necessary steps to meet these demands. Each visitor who visits website is deemed to have read and accepted these terms.