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Who doesn’t always want to look so beautiful and charming? This is now possible with effective permanent make-up techniques! Permanent make-up tools are make-up, make-up or make-up or make-up on different things, such as eyebrows, eyes or eyes. Permanent make-up tools, permanent make-up is done, how much are the prices, and again the make-up milk, more things, Aylin Çetinkaya combines with experience combines.

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Aylin Çetinkaya

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As the name suggests, permanent make-up is a more makyaj permanent ıla of women’s make-up everyday. It is worth noting that when it comes to readiness, permanent make-up is not a lifetime practice. Since the dye pigments used are organic based, even the longest lasting make-up application can last more than 3 years.

What is it that these pigments and their role in permanent make-up? Let us immediately wonder what permanent makeup is applied: Applied permanent make-up process, using special permanent makeup needles and devices are applied. Although the chosen technique differs according to the permanent make-up types, it is mostly done by injecting special permanent make-up pigments into the skin’s lower layers with the help of these needles.

Another difference between permanent make-up and other traditional tattoo techniques is precisely this.
In tattoos a lot of skin under the skin, a few layers of the skin is descended to the permanent make-up applications, mostly in the first layer under the skin process is finished. For example, one of the most popular permanent makeup techniques, lip coloring, is only 0.3-0.5 millimeters below the lip skin.

After the selected color pigments are placed under the skin with the help of special permanent make-up needles, the process is completed; So actually permanent make-up applications are quite effortless and efficient. The answer to the question ir Where is permanent makeup done? El is very diverse!

Permanent makeup consists of a set of techniques that can be applied to many different areas of the face. Aylin Çetinkaya permanent make-up studios have a permanent make-up application:

Permanent Eyeliner & Dipliner
Permanent make-up applied on eyes is carried out by two different techniques: eyeliner and dipliner. Permanent eyeliner techniques give you a eyeliner with sharp lines, straight lines and perfect tail. If you have a permanent eyeliner application, you will have the opportunity to wake up to a new eyeliner every morning for at least 1.5 years.

Permanent eyeliner making takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. An example eyeliner line is drawn to your eyelid before the procedure. Then using permanent make-up pigments with high quality and natural content, this permanent eyeliner pen passes over this line. You will not feel any pain during the procedure as it is applied an effective anesthetic cream to your eyelid before the procedure. If quality materials and paints are used, it is possible to improve within a short period of time without any swelling or bruising.

Permanent eyeliner is a permanent make-up process that is placed directly on the eyelid, while the permanent dipliner is a thinner, permanent make-up application to the area where the eyelash line meets with the eyelash line. In the permanent dipliner, the same steps are followed as in the eyeliner process. Once a sample dipliner line has been drawn, 100 percent natural dye pigments are injected into this line and the process is completed. Permanent dipliner application allows you to achieve a more natural and more misty eye makeup by giving a make-up look from yesterday.

Lip Tint & Lip Tinting
Another permanent make-up technique, which is frequently applied in recent years, is applied on the lip. Permanent makeup on the lip can be followed by two different methods: lip contour and lip coloration.

The contour of the lip, as the name suggests, is a permanent make-up process to the outside of the lip. A permanent line, drawn in the same color as the lips, is conducive to the lips being thicker and more pronounced. The color to be chosen during the process plays a major role in the natural and natural appearance of your image.

In lip coloration process, it is not only the outline of the lip but also the whole. When coloring the lip, choose a color pigment that is compatible with the color of your lips and your skin, just like the contour of the lip; but if you don’t have to choose the same color as your lip. It is up to you to choose a color pigment of your choice in the contour of the lip as it can create a lipstick effect. These pigments, which are injected into the skin’s lower layer using special needles, promise you a lifetime of at least 2 years.

For fuller, more vivid and more prominent lips, it is possible to choose permanent makeup procedures, such as lip contours or lip tinting.

Microblading & Micropigmentation
Permanent eyebrow applications are among the first applications that come to mind when using permanent makeup applications. There are two different methods you can use here, and the choice between these two methods is often the choice you need to make with your permanent make-up specialist.

The first method used for permanent eyebrow makeup applications is the microblading method. In this method, using a special microblading pen, paint pigments are placed on your brow line. There are micro needles in the pen and these needles place the color pigments that are selected in harmony with your skin and skin color in the form of micro lines under your skin. Another micropigmentation technique is micropigmentation. Since both the filling method and the bristle technique method are available for use in this device, it offers more alternatives to the customer and the permanent make-up specialist. In the micropigmentation technique everything is in the hands of the expert performing the application. It is not possible to give a clear answer to which method is better; Because both methods can be the right application according to different requests.

Another method that is curious about permanent make-up applications on eyebrows is the bristle technique. The hair technique is a technique that is applied by the micropigmentation method, and as the name suggests, it makes your permanent eyebrow image look like ve hair teknik, that is, more natural and organic. Especially in recent years, the highly popular bristle technique has become the number one choice of celebrities who make permanent eyebrow applications.

Of course there are some tips you should know before taking permanent make-up. It is important to consider these points when choosing from permanent make-up areas:

Permanent make-up must not be fooled by the concept of ”permanent gerek. Since it is made using organic dyes and does not get too deep into the skin, the persistence of permanent make-up applications lasts between 1-3 years. These durations may vary depending on which permanent make-up you choose.

Tattoo with permanent makeup is not the same thing. While the tattoo is 6-7 times lower than the skin, permanent make-up techniques do not have such a depth.

When choosing a permanent make-up specialist, you should look for your resume, find out how long you have been doing this job, and find out if you have a quality business. It is a good idea to conduct a thorough investigation of the brand of permanent makeup that it uses to be completely safe, which brand of dye pigments is preferred.

Permanent makeup is a more painful and painful process than you think; therefore, you should think thoroughly before you decide to take any action, and you should really weigh whether you really want to go to such an application.

Although an effective anesthetic cream or substance is applied prior to the procedure, it is very normal to feel a slight pressure, distress or discomfort during the procedure.

Likewise, after permanent make-up, it is quite natural to have small swelling and redness on your eyebrows, lips or eyelids. This is considered to be one of the expected side effects because it is an ordinary response to your skin’s pigment. After permanent make-up, if your swelling shows no signs of improvement within the first 24 hours, it will be useful to see the specialist.

Permanent makeup practitioners observe that it is very useful to have a preliminary interview with permanent makeup experts before the application. If you prefer Aylin Çetinkaya’s studio for your permanent makeup application, you can set up a pre-appointment appointment completely free of charge before the application and talk about what you want to achieve.

Permanent makeup process times may vary depending on the region of application. Permanent dipliner or eyeliner application can be completed in as little as half an hour, while lip contour applications can last up to 2 hours.

Your permanent make-up care processes are at least as important as the application itself. If your permanent makeup specialist has recommended a special cream for you, you should provide this cream and use it regularly. In the same way, you must strictly follow all the maintenance instructions that your permanent make-up specialist will provide to you after the procedure. If you do everything correctly in the healing process, you will be able to reach the desired image in a very short time.

At first glance, when you hear words such as kork needles makyaj and unuz devices “, permanent make-up procedures may sound a little scary; however, if you entrust yourself to the hands of a qualified, professional and experienced expert, you will feel that all of these concerns and fears are removed. Taking just 1-2 hours of your day, you can also look more groomed and beautiful; moreover, without having to do makeup every day!

Permanent makeup prices offered by Aylin Çetinkaya in the permanent makeup studio vary according to the region where the process is applied and the preferred technique. You can visit our prices page to get more detailed information about all permanent makeup prices. On this page you can find details about which process is done in the price range, how long it takes, and when you need to check in later.

Aylin Cetinkaya Permanent Make-Up Studio is one of the leading permanent make-up and beauty studios in Istanbul. You can contact us from the contact section to make an appointment and discuss all the details you are interested in.